Wei-Chieh Huang

PhD Scholarship of International Graduate School of Science & Technology (TUM-IGSSE) 

Research Associate

Email: weichieh.huang@tum.de


Wei-Chieh Huang is an enthusiastic transportation demand modeler and travel behavior researcher. He accomplished his bachelor study in Transportation and Logistics Management at the National Chiao-Tung University, Taiwan. Then, he finished his master study in Transportation Systems with distinction at the Technical University of Munich. He also hold two-years practical working expereinces in a demand modeling team at the THI Consultants Inc., Taiwan.

Apart from transportation demand modeling, Wei is especially interested in assessing social impacts and equity issues of transportation policies. He is currently developing this topic for his PhD dissertation and expects to develop an agent-based demand model, which can provide important insights into achieving a more equitable mobility environment and equivelant living conditions in urban and rural areas.

Research Interests

  • Transportation Demand Modeling
  • Transportation Equity & Social Impacts Analysis
  • Accessibility Analysis
  • Public Transportation Planning & Reliability Analysis
  • Behavioral Research


Since 04.2020 PhD Fellow at the Research Group of Modeling Spatial Mobility
04.2018 - 03.2020 Student Research Assistant at the Research Group of Modeling Spatial Mobility
10.2017 - 02.2020 Master of Science in Transportation Systems at The Technical University of Munich
04.2015 - 05.2017 Assistant Analyst at the Transportation Planning Department of THI Consultants Inc. (Taiwan) 
09.2009 - 04.2014 Bachelor of Science in Transportation Technology & Logistic Management at The National Chiao-Tung University (Taiwan)


11.2019 - 10.2022
Congestion-Impacted Accessibilities and Economic Performance Evaluation
10.2019 - 09.2021
Entlastung des Bundesfernstraßennetzes durch multimodale Angebote im Personenverkehr
08.2019 - 09.2019 Traffic Simulation of Access Gates for an Industrial Site


Project seminar Cosupervisor  
Object-Oriented Programming for Transport Engineers Co-instructor  




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