Open Data

At the Associate Professorship of Travel Behavior we strongly believe in open data and open source, to increase the visibility of our work and to facilitate the interchange with other researchers. All our scientific results are open, as far as possible. Most of our publications are open access. You can check them in the subpage publications

The software developed by our group is publicly available at our github page. 

The input and output data of our models and anlyses are generally distrbuted for free for scientific purposes upon request. Some datasets are already available without any restriction: 

  • Input files for MATSim (Scenario Munich) (github)
  • MATSim output files of the Munich scenario ar different population scales (subsamples) adn with different road network densities (media.tum)

Are you interested in our data? Feel free to contact us. 

Current users

The following institutions and departments are already using our data and models for research and academic purposes

  • TUM Students (Master in Transportation Systems)
  • TUM Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering
  • TUM School of Management
  • TUM Chair of Urban development
  • TUM Lehrstuhl für Fahrzeugtechnik
  • TUM Hyperloop
  • TUM Department of Informatics