MCube Speaker Series

Course "Verkehr aktuell" (TUMonline)

A lecture series presented by the openLAB Urban Mobility (TUM) and the MCube Cluster in cooperation with the Deutsches Museum - Verkehrszentrum

Future of Mobility is a lecture series that will present diverse topics in mobility in a monthly rhythm. The lectures will be held by various speakers from different fields, which provides a wide and interdisciplinary range of topics. From laypersons to students and specialists: all those interested in the topic are invited. The series Future of Mobility replaces the previous lectures series "Verkehr aktuell". 

Afterward, the openLAB Urban Mobility invites to a regulars' table, where the presented topic, as well as other mobility topics, can be discussed in an informal and casual setting. The regulars' table will take place at the Wirtshaus Am Bavariapark (address: Theresienhöhe 15, 80339 Munich), which is adjacent to the traffic center.

Events in Winter 2022/2023

Date Topic   Referents

Do, 01.12.2022

18:30 - 20:00 Uhr 

"Future of Mobility - Bikes first?!" - A breath of fresh air in Europe's cities - is this the end of car-centric decades in Europe? 

Global cities are becoming cycle friendly - not just after the "seismic shift" during the pandemic. Cycling is a major global trend, with several city governments announcing bold ambitions to swap cars for bikes. The shift from car to bike has the potential to benefit the environment with less energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Moreover, increasing the share of bicycles in the modal split can benefit businesses, public health, and the quality of life in metropolitan areas.

Together with European experts in cycling and leaders in human-centered sustainable mobility we are looking at the following questions: What are the global trends in bike-first approaches from Copenhagen to Ljubljana? How do I bring change to the city? What is needed for a bike-friendlier Munich? What are the current challenges in the implementation?


// Discussion 


Registration: MCube Speaker Series “Future of Mobility - Bikes first! Tickets, Do, 01.12.2022 um 18:30 Uhr | Eventbrite 



Andreas Røhl, Associate, Mobility Lead at Gehl Architects

Dr. Benjamin Büttner, TUM

Matej Praprotnik,  Bicycle Mayor of Ljubljana 🚲

Marc Shakory, Founder of Avocargo


Moderation:  Dr. Isabella  Grahsl (DB Connect) & Oliver May-Beckmann (MCube)



18:30 - 20:00 Uhr 

"The Future of Mobility - A Radical Rethink of the Bus System"

The 9EURO ticket has shown: Millions of people are increasingly using public transportation. Whether in the city or in the country, the bus is the backbone of local public transport. But when people talk about the future of mobility, they usually stop at the electrification of vehicles. The fact that the bus system, rethought, can represent an even greater lever in the mobility revolution is usually overlooked.

The following questions are addressed: Can the bus system be so convincing in the future that as many road users as possible switch to this mode of transport? What impact will highly automated driving have on public transport and what added value can it contribute? Will the bus of the future continue to operate on rigid routes? Which on-demand systems promise more individualism in public transport? Do we want to reduce the overall vehicle density in the future, what role can the bus system play in this? Can the bus system of the future combine individual, public and freight transport?


// Discussion


Registration: MCube Speaker Series: "Das System Bus radikal neu gedacht!" Tickets, Do, 26.01.2023 um 18:30 Uhr | Eventbrite


Julia Kinigadner (TUM, MCube Cluster)

Thorsten Bergmaier-Trede (MAN Truck & Bus SE)

Dr. Martin Dürr (DROMOS GmbH)

Johannes Barckmann (EDAG Group)

Moritz Seidenfus (TUM, MCube Cluster) 


Start of the event 18:30 Uhr
Time ca. 90 minutes
Location Auditorium Halle 3 im Verkehrszentrum des Deutschen Museums München
Am Bavariapark 5, 80339 München Google Maps
Entrance Ermäßigter Museumseintritt (in Höhe von 3 EUR), für Studierende Eintritt frei
Parcitipants  Studenten, Fachpublikum und interessierte Öffentlichkeit
Contact  Luca Scotellaro (openLAB Urban Mobility) 
Regsitration and Information


Information for students: Bachelor students of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Environment can integrate the attendance of the course into their study plan (1 ECTS). This requires registration for the course ("Verkehr aktuell", LV-Nr.: 0000002968) and attendance of 75% of the course. Attendance will be checked on site. The openLAB Urban Mobility regulars' table is not part of the course.

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