Please contact us if you would like to write your Bachelor's Thesis, Master's Thesis or Study Project at our chair.
We ask you to contact us individually at an early stage. You are also welcome to suggest your own topics.

Here you can find some suggestions:

Master's Thesis (partly suitable for Bachelor's Thesis): 

Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Büttner

  • Accessibility by Proximity aka the 15-mins City?
  • Perceived (objective) vs measured (subjective) Accessibility
  • How can we measure quality of life in our cities?

Dr.-Ing. David Duran Rodas

  • Mixed-methods approach to identifying transportation inequities.
  • Attitudes and perceptions of the underprivileged population towards new mobility services.
  • Public discussion of new mobility services: a social media analysis.
  • Can personal values predict travel behavior?

M.Sc. Mahtab Baghaiepoor

  • Urban Green Infrastructure for Active Mobility – Qualitative approach
  • Connectivity analysis of Urban Green Infrastructure network and Mobility network in Munich (Methods: GIS analysis; Expected outcomes: Overlaps and disconnections of mobility and UGI network/ Finding areas of intervention and potential types of interventions) 
  • Walking comfort in Munich: Literature review and survey development
  • User Experience studies and methods in mobility research
  • Mobility governance: how to integrate more urban green infrastructure into active mobility plans (Method: Case study of Munich)
  • Walking awareness-raising workshops and their impacts (Methods: Improving and executing the already-existing awareness workshops at the chair and collecting impacts through surveys. Target groups: students, professionals, authorities.), joint supervision with Dr.-Ing. David Duran.

Matthias Grundei MSc

  • Citizen participation in technology-driven mobility projects

Sindi Haxhija MSc.

  • A qualitative assessment of perceived mobility injustice in Munich

Dr.-Ing. Julia Kinigadner

  • Flexible booking of various mobility offers: Basics, product design and impact potentials of mobility budgets
  • The "Who is who?" of the mobility landscape in the Munich metropolitan region: Analysis and visualization of relevant initiatives, projects and players
  • Requirements and trends in the on-demand sector: What is in demand on the market? - A systematic analysis of tenders for on-demand mobility in Germany (Due to the focus on Germany, German language skills are required) 

MA. Ana Rivas

  • How can street experiments achieve more sustainable and resilient cities?
  • Establish criteria to define what makes a successful street experiment and its positive impact.
  • Further development on the methodology of a street experiment: From street selection, planning, evaluation and long-term strategies.

Yihan Xu MSc

  • Exploring spatial and temporal variations in external costs of transport from a bottom-up approach - developing a methodology for contexts with poor data availability
  • Implementing an online routing engine for the SASIM full cost calculator

M.Sc. Simone Aumann

  • "How can the participatory research approach Photovoice help to represent and empower disadvantaged population groups in mobility research?"/ "Wie kann der partizipatorische Forschungsansatz Photovoice dazu beitragen, benachteiligte Bevölkerungsgruppen in der Mobilitätsforschung zu repräsentieren und zu stärken?"

Carolin Zimmer, M.Sc.

  • MCube: Auswertung einer begleitenden Nutzer*innenstudie für ein innovatives neues Carsharingkonzept


Study Project: 

David Duran Rodas MSc.

  • Social characteristics associated with commuting time.
  • Promoting empathy as a tool to improve cycling conditions for vulnerable cyclists
  • Assessing spatial fairness in new mobility services
  • Mixed-method approach to assessing mobility inequities


Master's Thesis or Study Projects within RG Mobility Justice: 

Within the Research Group Mobility Justice (contact Dr.-Ing. David Duran) several topics are open for Masters Thesis or Study Projects: 


  • Serious board games as a tool for creating awareness


  • Social media analysis on mobility justice
  • Qualitative assessment of perceived urban mobility justice in Munich (M.Sc. Sindi Haxhija)
  • Quantitative analysis on mobility justice in “Berg am Laim”
  • Who is allowed and who is forced to be immobile?

(Updated April 2024)