Research and Consultancy

Reserach and Working Groups



Concepts, Measures and Effects

  • Inter- and Intramodal transport supply for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport, motorized individual transport, multi-modal connection P+R, B+R, ...
  • Assessment of the interaction of land-use and transport
  • Empirical study on long-term and short-term mobility behaviour

Models and Instruments

  • Accessibility modelling by system dynamic modelling approach
  • Further development of land-use and transport models

Regional Governance

  • Cooperation between public and private actors in the region
  • Reconciliation of planning processes, strategies and measures
  • Further development of planning and decision making instruments

Practical projects for different clients

  • Scientific guidance by realization of the measures
  • Assessment of transport effects from land-use and transport site concept
  • Collaboration on regional planning strategies
  • Expertise in mechanism of action from land-use and transport
  • Moderation and organization of planning processes, workshops, ...

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