We are a young, interdisciplinary team from the fields of: transport planning, transport engineering, environmental engineering, spatial planning and geography. We are always looking for talented individuals and partners who are motivated to help shape and support our responsibilities in teaching, research, and consultancy.

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Main Concepts

Urban networks and transport systems are closely linked. Structures and processes affect each other dynamically. On one hand, the spatial structures in unison with the existing transport options influence daily mobility choices and patterns such as the activity, the destination, and the transport mode. On the other hand, long-term mobility decisions (choice of residential location, car ownership, public transport utilization etc.) are significantly influenced by the accessibility levels within a metropolitan region.

Nowadays, the interactions between urban structures and transport planning can be found on different spatial scales from the neighborhood district to the metropolitan city, and further beyond to the regional, national, and international levels. . Today the metropolitan regions are ever more important as an action space for living, working, shopping, and socializing as well as accessing services and leisure activities.

It is necessary to improve the alignment of planning processes, in order to maximize decisions, and active opportunities given the background of changing demographic and economic situations coupled with the requirements to protect the climate and preserve energy resources. For a coordinated land-use and transport development, appropriate measures, instruments, and processes have to be developed.

The Department of Urban Structure and Transport Planning here at the Technical University of Munich sets the following priorities in teaching, research and consultancy:

  • Concepts, measures and effects of a integrated urban and transport network
  • Models and tools to estimate the dynamic interactions between spatial patterns and transport systems
  • Planning and implementation processes at city-regional level


The Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning is part of the Institute of Transport within the Faculty of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering of the Technical University of Munich. Thus, we contribute to the profiling of the focus area of mobility and transportation dynamics.

Our work is embedded in cross-border and international structures and contacts. We contribute to the interdisciplinary master's program Transportation Systems; introduce ourselves into the study program of Environmental Engineering; work in various committees of the FSGV, SRL and regional networks such as the INZELL initiative and the European Metropolitan Region of Munich (EMM). International collaborations are sought in particular at the European level (e.g. COST) and the French-German partnership (DEUFRAKO).

Together with our partner in the Institute of Transport, we organize the International Science Conference on Mobility and Transport -- mobil.TUM, with emphasis on topics and research that change on an annual basis.

At the regional level, we, in cooperation with the Chair for Urban Development and the MVG, invite the public to regularly held public lectures and discussions, e.g. in the series "Verkehr Aktuell" at the Verkehrszentrum of Deutsches Museum, or to the colloquium "Öffentlicher Verkehr und Stadtentwicklung".

We operate the doctoral research group Sustainable Mobility in the Metropolitan Region of Munich - mobil.LAB as an interdisciplinary research group which currently is comprised of 9 supported PhD candidates. The main aim is to provide a creative and open platform for scientific and practical research which develops applicable solutions.