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Street experiments are a growing phenomenon around the world, and SET is a platform for everyone to learn from and contribute to. SET aims to inspire, inform and share knowledge on street experiments as cities across the globe witnessed an increased need for innovative, more diverse, and inclusive use of our streets as public spaces. 

SET (Street Experiments Tool) is a platform that inspires and shares knowledge on how to plan, implement, and support street experiments - both by offering original content as guidance and external resources. 

On the platform you will find a collection of street experiments to inspire you on how to reclaim streets and contribute to more liveable cities. On the ‘Resources’ section, you will find a wide variety of information on how to implement and design a street experiment yourself, such as tools, guides, articles from our library, or upcoming webinars and courses. Keep up-to-date checking our ‘Blog’ with posts that explain the raising need of having high-quality public spaces as the pandemic COVID-19 highlighted.

SET also launched the ‘SET Guidelines Kit’, a document where all this knowledge and considerations come together in one place, sharing insights on how to get started when planning a street Experiment, how to communicate and tips and tricks to engage citizens, as well as how to observe and evaluate a street experiment and then create long-term strategies.

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