Colloquium: Public Transport as Urban Generator

A colloquium series held by the Chair of Urban Development and the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning, TU Munich and the Munich Transport Corporation (MVG). More information.

Presentation Series Verkehr Aktuell

A presentation series held in cooperation with the Transportation Centre of Deutsches Museum. More information.

Methodological Colloquium

The scientific colloquium is a joint offer from us and the Chair of Urban Development for all doctoral candidates of the TUM School of Engineering and Design. Here you may find the detailed information.

mobil.TUM - International Scientific Conference on Mobility and Transport

mobil.TUM 2018 "Urban Mobility - Shaping The Future Together" Munich, Gaszählerwerkstatt 13. and 14. June 2018
mobil.TUM 2016  "Transforming Urban Mobility" Munich, Oskar-von-Miller-Forum 06. and 07. June 2016
mobil.TUM 2014 "Sustainable Mobility in Metropolitan Regions" Munich, Oskar-von-Miller-Forum 19. and 20. May 2014
mobil.TUM 2012 "Transport Demand Management" Munich, Oskar-von-Miller-Forum 19. and 20. March 2012
mobil.TUM 2008 "Erreichbarkeit - Accessibility - Accessibilité" Munich, Conference Center "Alte Messe" 08. and 09. April 2008

German-French Summer School

Between 12.07.2009 and 18.07.2009 a Franch-German Summer School for young scientists and students in higher semesters on the topic "The Future of Mobility" was held on the island Frauenchiemsee. The event was sponsored by the Franco-German University (DFH) and was co-organized by the Bavarian-French academic center (BFHZ) and the Bureau de la Coopération Universitaire de Munich. More information.