Welcome to the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning

At the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning we address the following activities through our teaching, research and practice:

  • exploring the drivers of change in individual mobility behavior through the development of integrated land-use and transport strategies for all transport modes across various spatial scales in metropolitan regions
  • developing accessibility instruments and system modeling methods which reflect the spatial and temporal dynamics in order to design and assess sustainable mobility concepts
  • contributing to improvements of planning instruments and governance processes in order to enable public and private stakeholders to be aware of the diverse impacts of their respective decisions

We invest in the high-quality teaching of future experts, and encourage students to reflect upon multiple aspects of integrated planning. We regularly improve our key lectures and adopt our seminars to current questions of research and development.

We actively contribute to international research. Based upon our experience in local and regional case-studies, we provide, exchange, and update our knowledge amongst national, European and worldwide networks. Additionally we publish the results of our research accordingly.

We implement mobility solutions on-site, by developing sustainable policies, consulting public and private decision-makers, organizing conferences, and coordinating events and workshops as a unified platform to exchange ideas and information.

We are convinced that we can learn from one another, by communicating open-minded ideas and exchanging knowledge regarding latest experiences and findings.