openLAB Urban Mobility

An open laboratory to exchange ideas about the future of urban mobility:

  •     Transdisciplinary research with students, scientists, public participation, internal and external partners
  •     Interdisciplinary networking within TUM
  •     Integration into practical and scientific teaching
  •     Cooperation with regional practice partners
  •     International cooperation on a European and worldwide level
  •     A place of encounter, a platform for dialogue
  •     Consultation on regional politics and integration into the international discourse

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Within our openWALKS, we invite you to explore the connections and interactions between transport and urban development together with us. We would like to go on a journey of discovery with you, enter into dialogue with each other and develop ideas for the future of urban mobility. The openWALKS are offered during the summer terms. 

Miniblock "Steinhuber"

The project "Steinhuber" in Munich aims to redesign the public space in the Steinheil- and Enhuberstraße neighborhood in Maxvorstadt. Communication and evaluation of the project are carried out via openLAB Urban Mobility. 

Little Big Carpet - Imagining Future Cities

On February 19, 2024, at 6:00 PM, immerse yourself in a captivating exploration of urban mobility like never before. Picture a conventional play carpet focused around cars - now, fasten your seatbelt for a paradigm shift. Lior Steinberg, in collaboration with Bolt and the Technical University of Munich, is proud to introduce a cutting-edge carpet that sparks your imagination about the future of our cities. Our speaker Simone Battisti will

Urban Mobility PhD Colloquium

Within the TUM School of Engineering and Design with its new Department of Mobility Systems Engineering, we want to look at urban mobility from an interdisciplinary perspective. As part of the Interdisciplinary Research Platform TUM.Mobility, the PhD Colloquium Urban Mobility focuses on one of the eight fields of competence.

MCube Speaker Series

In cooperation with the MCube Cluster and the Transport Center of the Deutsches Museum, monthly lectures are held on the topic of "The Future of Mobility". The range of topics is wide and interdisciplinary. All those interested in the topic are invited, from laypersons to students and specialist audiences.

Roundtable of Mobility

Everyone who is interested in mobility topics and wants to exchange ideas with others is invited to the Stammtisch Mobilität. Currently, the Stammtisch takes place after the events of the MCube Speaker Series "Future of Mobility".

Past activities


Spring 2023:
Which street experiments exist in Munich, how do they work, who are the actors and what do they achieve? To answer these questions, we would like to offer a platform for the exchange of all those involved in street experiments in Munich.

Walkability Awareness Workshop

March 2023:
The openLAB Urban Mobility organises workshops where participants could experience first-hand the challenges faced by senior citizens, people in wheelchairs and people with disabilities in road traffic.

Mapping Party: Christmas Edition

December 2022:
The openLAB Urban Mobility organises mapping parties on a regular basis to actively improve the quality of OpenStreetMap (OSM). OSM is the best-known example of an open-source database collected through crowdsourcing. 

Spring Break School

April 2022:
The course "Interpreting Statistical Results for Mobility Research" was the first of its kind within the Spring Break School and ended with great support from participants with backgrounds ranging from physics to social sciences.

Kick-off Event

Oktober 2021:
The openLAB Urban Mobility was launched in October 2021. It is a platform for encounters at the Chair of Settlement Structure and Transport Planning at the Technical University of Munich and an offer for dialogue about the future of urban mobility.

Citizen Lab @ IAA Mobility

September 2021:
From panel discussions to workshops: the Citizens Lab offered many program points at the IAA 2022 on the topic of living space development and the mobility of the future.


For more information, please contact Luca Scotellaro (Manager openLAB Urban Mobility).