Recap: MCube Speaker Series Future of Mobility on 16.01.2024

MCube Speaker Series |

Photo: MCube

The MCube Speaker Series at the German Museum on January 16th focused on autonomous driving as a key to the transportation revolution.

  • Prof. Johannes Betz emphasized the role of motorsports as an innovation catalyst for autonomous vehicles.
  • Florian Pfab presented the MCube Wiesn Shuttle Project, set to deploy autonomously at Oktoberfest.
  • Eike Bethmann from MOIA discussed integrating autonomous vehicles into On-Demand Mobility services.
  • Alessandro Binetti reported on the MINGA project in Munich.
  • Nic Knapp highlighted the economic potential of autonomous driving and the importance of supporting startups in Munich.

The discussion concluded with consensus that the future lies in accessible services, reducing individual traffic, and strengthening public transportation. Comments on this are encouraged.

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