Recap: MCube Speaker Series Future of Mobility on 14.12.2023

Approximately 150 interested guests gathered at the Traffic Center of the German Museum to draw an initial interim conclusion on the MCube innovation project aqt (Car-Reduced Neighborhoods for a Livable City).

Georg Dunkel (Mobilitätsreferat München)
Gespräche nach den Vorträgen

The MCube innovation project "aqt Kolumbusstrasse" on December 14, 2023, drew approximately 150 interested individuals to the German Museum Traffic Center. It provided an interim assessment after five months, during which street sections turned into green oases, parking spaces were transformed, and active mobility was promoted. Urban gardening fostered neighborhood interaction but also generated both enthusiasm and criticism. Over 90 media reports nationwide reflected the complex societal interest.


  • Simone Aumann and Marco Kellhammer presented the project: The majority on-site viewed it positively and saw an enhancement of the neighborhood spaces.
  • Georg Dunkel emphasized the project's significance and criticized legal framework shortcomings.
  • Heinrich Strößenreuther stressed the need for a rapid, radical shift despite facing opposition.
  • Prof. Benedikt Boucsein highlighted patience, a balanced approach, and involving all stakeholders.
  • Jana Kugoth shed light on the media's role, balancing between enlightenment and economic constraints.

The Speaker Series emphasized the complexity of the mobility transition: Acceleration without losing acceptance is essential. It needs to be viewed technologically, socially, culturally, and politically. Decision-makers must make democratically legitimate decisions, implement them consistently, and actively involve citizens.


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