Street-Space-Experiments: Kick-Off Event, 06.12.2022

With the kick-off event "Street-Space-Experiments", we wanted to invite makers and supporters of those experiments to get into conversation with each other and exchange ideas.

On Tuesday, 06 December 2022, 5 pm, the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning and the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space (LAO) welcomed the interested public to the Vorhoelzer Forum at the Technical University of Munich. 

The event was opened by Luca Scotellaro, head of the openLAB Urban Mobility (located at the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning). Through an active mentimeter (stand up, sit down) the general mood regarding street space experiments was asked. It turned out that almost all of the people present liked them. However, not everyone was satisfied with the implementation of the street space experiments stationed in Munich. This served as a starting point to show that there is now an opportunity to talk to each other, to explain the advantages and disadvantages of street experiments and to look at different planning approaches. 

After the introductory words, the floor was handed over to Ana Rivas (Street Experimentations Tool (SET)). She gave impressions of the SET project and showed what research and teaching in this field has produced: a guideline for the planning, implementation and evaluation of street experiments. The document is freely available to the public. It can be downloaded as a PDF here

A review of the street experiments installed in Munich in 2022 was provided by staff from the Department of Landscape Architecture and Public Space (LAO). Two students presented the extensively documented collection of the installations. This collection can be found here

After the impulse lectures, which summarised what was, is and possibly can be possible, the participants were invited to a relaxed exchange. To make it easier to get started, there were various stations, at each a TUM staff member was available for questions and suggestions. After generally positive feedback and expressed interest, the TUM staff is now looking how and in what framework a further exchange about street-space experiments is possible.

We thank all participants for the stimulating exchange and the high level of support. 

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