Yunfei Zhang

Research Focus

  • Traffic data analysis
  • Traffic modeling and simulation


Curriculum Vitae

Work experience

since 2021 Technical University of Munich
Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control
2019 - 2021
Technical University of Munich
Chair of Transportation Systems Engineering
Student research assistant
2019 - 2021
University of Federal Armed Forces Munich
Institute for Mechanics and Statics
Student research assistant
Technical University of Munich
Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control
Student research assistant
Ingenierbüro Schwietering
Research Intern
2017 - 2018
Shanghai Construction No. 4 (Group) Co., Ltd.
Cost engineer


2020 M.Sc. in Transportation Systems
Thesis: Travel Time Prediction for Urban Road Networks Using Ride-hailing Data
Technical University of Munich
B.Sc. in Civil Engineering
Graduation project: Urban Public Transportation Planning for Fuzhou (China)
Tongji University (China)


  • Zhang, Yunfei; Loder, Allister; Rempe, Felix; Bogenberger, Klaus: Temporal Aggregated Analysis of GPS Trajectory Data Using Two-Fluid Model. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2022, 036119812211282 more…
  • Engelhardt, Roman; Dandl, Florian; Syed, Arslan-Ali; Zhang, Yunfei; Fehn, Fabian; Wolf, Fynn; Bogenberger, Klaus: FleetPy: A Modular Open-Source Simulation Tool for Mobility On-Demand Services. arXiv, 2022 more…
  • Zhang, Yunfei; Engelhardt, Roman; Syed, Arslan-Ali; Dandl, Florian; Hardt, Cornelius; Bogenberger, Klaus: Simulating Charging Processes of Mobility-On-Demand Services at Public Infrastructure: Can Operators Complement Each Other? 2022 IEEE 25th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), IEEE, 2022 more…
  • Hardt, Cornelius; Weikl, Simone; Zhang, Yunfei, Lippoldt, Katrin, Bogenberger, Klaus: Empirical Analysis of Free-Floating Carsharing Systems in Munich and Berlin. Transportation Research Board 101st Annual Meeting, 2022 more…