Welcome to the online presence of the chair of traffic engineering and control of Technical University of Munich.

The chair of traffic engineering and control of Technische Universität München deals – in research and teaching – with methods and technologies for collection, description and spatial-temporal management and control of the traffic situation, both for individual and public traffic.

Within Europe-wide cooperation with public authorities, research institutions and companies of the private industry the following topics are dealt with, in teaching and different research-projects, in theory and practice:

  • Traffic and environmental data detection
  • Modeling and simulation of traffic systems
  • Determination and control of traffic demand
  • Traffic control in private and public transport
  • Integrated and inter-modal traffic management
  • Systems technology in transport
  • Intelligent vehicle concepts, vehicle-to-x-communication
  • Quality management in transport
  • Traffic and environment (effects and potentials)


The contents of these research fields are also handled in detail within a further qualifying Master Program Transportation Systems.