Ulrich Glöckl

Picture of Ulrich Glöckl

Dipl.-Ing. (Univ.) Ulrich Glöckl

Research Focus

  • Innovative Public Transport Systems
  • Automated / autonomous Buses
  • Urban Ropeways
  • Optimized Urban Freight Service

Curriculum Vitae

Work experience

since 2020 Technical University of Munich
Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control
Research associate, research group lead
2019 Bundeswehr University Munich
Chair of Intelligent Transportation Systems
2009 - 2019

Schlothauer & Wauer GmbH, formerly Transver GmbH Munich
Authorized representative, head of the traffic planning department

1996 - 2009 Poyry Infra Traffic GmbH, formerly HB Verkehrsconsult GmbH, formerly Heusch/Boesefeldt GmbH, branch office Munich
Chief engineer traffic planning and traffic control systems
1991 - 1996 Umplan, Institut für vernetzte Umweltplanung, Prien a. Chiemsee and Flöha/Chemnitz
Project manager urban and traffic planning


1983 - 1990

Dipl.-Ing. Civil Engineering
Thesis: Die Umweltverträglichkeitsprüfung in der Bauleitplanung (Environmental Impact Assessment for Land Use Planning)
Lehrgebiet Verkehrs- und Stadtplanung
Technical University of Munich

Supervised Theses

  • Coronel Tehanga, Josue: Design and implementation of a test of the effectiveness of different types of speed warning systems using the example of a residential street. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.10.2023; End: 10.4.2024. Mentoring: Glöckl, Dr. Spangler. Abstract.
  • Zaglauer, Maria: Adaptations to operation control in public transport caused by the use of automated and connected vehicles. Master Thesis. Start: 15.5.2023; End: 15.12.2023. Mentoring: Dr. Tsakarestos, Glöckl. Abstract.
  • Zimmermann, Benjamin: Comparison of the energy consumption of ropeways with other means of transport. Master Thesis. Start: 1.10.2022; End: 31.3.2023. Mentoring: Glöckl, Lippoldt. Abstract.
  • Gerz, Lisa Marie: Transport connection of the "Festungspark-Fritsch" quarter to the existing Koblenz cable car transport system. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.5.2023; End: 15.10.2023. Mentoring: Glöckl. Abstract.
  • Krenkel, Florian: Potentials of a logistics hub using the example of the Tegernsee Valley. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.10.2022; End: 15.3.2023. Mentoring: Glöckl, Fehn. Abstract.
  • Auer, Michael: Game-Changer Carpooling? Potentials of a higher car occupancy rate in the German freeway network. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 23.5.2022; End: 28.9.2022. Mentoring: , Glöckl. Abstract.
  • Brauch, Natalie: Development of a method for estimating demand for urban cable cars using PTV VISUM. Master Thesis. Start: 15.12.2020; End: 15.6.2021. Mentoring: Dr. Tsakarestos, Glöckl. Abstract.
  • Hurler, Tim: New ways in public transport-a comparison of new means of transport. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.5.2021; End: 30.9.2021. Mentoring: Dr. Tsakarestos, Glöckl. Abstract.
  • Späth, Alina: The employee mobility budget: Potentials and challenges of a new corporate mobility management concept (Master BI-VTP: 3 Cr). Study Project. Mentoring: Niels, Glöckl.
  • Staudt, Magdalena: Analysis oft the correlation between air quality measurement and traffic volume on nearby roads using measuring points of Nordallianz München. Master Thesis. Start: 1.7.2020; End: 31.12.2020. Mentoring: Glöckl, Dr. Tsakarestos. Abstract.
  • Freimoser, Christian: Assessment of the necessity of roadside sensor infrastructure equipment for the operation of autonomous shuttles in public transport. Master Thesis. Start: 1.5.2020; End: 30.10.2020. Mentoring: Glöckl, Dr. Tsakarestos. Abstract.
  • Polakiewicz, Sara: Control of passenger flows in urban cableway stations. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 20.4.2020; End: 19.9.2020. Mentoring: Glöckl, Stüger. Abstract.
  • Fedlmeier, Moritz: Roadway Reservation Systems (RSS). Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.4.2020; End: 15.9.2020. Mentoring: Glöckl, Stüger. Abstract.
  • Szczepurek, Arlene: Variants of Cableway Systems for the Urban Environment and their Technical Specifications. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.4.2020; End: 31.8.2020. Mentoring: Glöckl, Dr. Tsakarestos. Abstract.
  • Holler, Lisa: Use Criteria for Urban Cableways as a Basis for Decisions for/against Follow-up. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.4.2020; End: 31.8.2020. Mentoring: Glöckl, Dr. Tsakarestos. Abstract.
  • Wanitschek, Laura: Mobility Concepts for Communities between Town and Country. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.4.2020; End: 31.8.2020. Mentoring: Glöckl, Dr. Tsakarestos. Abstract.