Mario Ilic

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M.Sc. Mario Ilic

Research Focus

  • Automated Traffic
  • X-to-X-Communikation
  • Connected Mobility
  • (extended) Floating Vehicle Data
  • Vulnerable Road User (VRU)
  • Emission Modelling


  • Lecture „Transport and the Environment“ (WS 21/22)
  • Seminar “Urban Infrastructure Design” (WS 21/22)
  • Seminar “Entwurf von städtischen Verkehrsanlagen“ (WS 21/22)
  • Seminar „Transportation Systems Project Seminar“ (WS 21/22)
  • Lecture and Exercise “Air Pollution” in the Module “Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning - Basic Module“ (WS 21/22)
  • Seminar "Modelling of Traffic-Related Emissions" (SS22)
  • Lecture „Transport and the Environment“ (WS 22/23)
  • Seminar “Urban Infrastructure Design” (WS 22/23)
  • Lecture and Exercise “Air Pollution” in the Module “Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning - Basic Module“ (WS 22/23)
  • Seminar "modelling of Traffic-Related Emissions" (SS23)
  • Lecture and Exercise "Control of non-motorized traffic" in the Module "Traffic Engineering - Supplementary Module" (SS23)




Curriculum Vitae

Work experience

since 2021 Technical University of Munich
TUM School of Engineering and Design, Department of Mobility Systems Engineering
Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control
PhD Student
2019-2020 BMW Group
Research, New Technologies, Innovations
Internship and master thesis
2019 Technical University of Munich
Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control
Tutor Macroscopic Traffic Simulation
2018 C.W. Enerji
Production, planning and design of photovoltaic systems
Internship abroad
2018-2019 Schlothauer & Wauer GmbH (formerly Transver GmbH)
Transportation Engineering, Traffic
Research Internship and working student position
2015 - 2017 Diringer & Scheidel Group
Construction Management
Internship and working student position


2020 M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
Fields of Study: Transportation Engineering, Resource Efficiency in Urban Planning
Technical University of Munich
2016 B.Sc. Environmental Engineering
Technical University of Munich


  • Malcolm, Patrick; Ilic, Mario; Bogenberger, Klaus: Analysis of Inter-Pedestrian Interactions in a Naturalistic Trajectory Dataset. Unpublished, 2023 more…
  • Zhang, Yunfei; Ilic, Mario; Bogenberger, Klaus: Autonomous Vehicles as a Sensor: Simulating Data Collection Process. arXiv, 2023 more…
  • Ilic, Mario; Margreiter, Martin; Alvarez-Ossorio, Santiago; Pechinger, Mathias; Bogenberger, Klaus: Roadside LiDAR Sensors for Data Privacy Conform VRU Detection. 9th International Symposium on Transportation Data & Modelling (ISTDM2023), 2023, 340-343 more…
  • Margreiter, Martin; Ilic, Mario; Joshi, Abhay; Bogenberger, Klaus: A Self-Driving Cycle Rickshaw for Autonomous Urban Passenger and Freight Transport. 27th World Road Congress, 2023 more…
  • Ilic, Mario; Saghaeiannejad, Seyed M.; Amini, Sasan; Bogenberger, Klaus: Open-Source Framework for Modeling Emission Concentrations in Urban Areas. SUMO User Conference 2023, 2023 more…
  • Kutsch, Alexander; Margreiter, Martin; Stueger, Philipp N.; Fehn, Fabian; Metzger, Barbara; Hamm, Lisa; Engelhardt, Roman; Ilic, Mario; Bogenberger, Klaus: TEMPUS - Test Field Munich - Pilot Test for Urban Automated Road Traffic. 2022 IEEE 25th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSC), IEEE, 2022 more…
  • Ilic, Mario; Vogt, Johanna; Bogenberger, Klaus: A Mobile Mapping Solution for VRU Infrastructure Monitoring via Low-Cost LiDAR-Sensors. LBS 2022 - 17th International Conference on Location Based Services, 2022 more…
  • Ilic, Mario; Margreiter, Martin; Bogenberger, Klaus: Experimental Integration of Especially Vulnerable Road Users (eVRU) in Vehicle-to-Human (V2H) Communications Research. Mensch und Computer 2022, 2022Darmstadt, Germany more…
  • Ilic, Mario; Sautter, Natalie; Margreiter, Martin; Loder, Allister; Bogenberger, Klaus: Changing Strategic Alignments in European Urban Traffic Control – Requirements for Future Developments. hEART - 10th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation, 2022 more…
  • Ilic, Mario; Sautter, Natalie; Margreiter, Martin; Loder, Allister; Bogenberger, Klaus: Revisiting Urban Traffic Control in Austria, Germany and Switzerland - Requirements for Future Developments. Transportation Research Board - 101st Annual Meeting 2022, 2022 more…
  • Ilic, Mario; Sautter, Natalie; Margreiter, Martin; Loder, Allister; Kessler, Lisa; Kutsch, Alexander; Bogenberger, Klaus: Strategien urbaner Verkehrssteuerung in der DACH Region - Anforderungen an künftige Entwicklungen. KIVI Konsortialtreffen, 2021Ingolstadt, Deutschland more…

Supervised Theses

  • Barche, Melanie: Public Transport Goes Autonomous - Identification of Tasks for the Human Vehicle Operator. Master Thesis. Start: 1.10.2023; End: 28.4.2024. Mentoring: Lindner, Ilic, Alvarez. Abstract.
  • Meda Badareesh, Sagar: Integration of a Driving Simulator and SUMO for Evaluation of Safety in UniBwM Campus with future mobility scenarios. Master Thesis. Start: 15.9.2023; End: 14.3.2024. Mentoring: Ilic, Dr. Niels.
  • Caesar, Leonie: Exploring Graph-based Navigation Meshes for Modelling Wheelchair User Behavior in Urban Environments. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 6.11.2023; End: 6.4.2024. Mentoring: Lindner, Pechinger, Ilic. Abstract.
  • Dauda, Abdul-Rahman: Risk Analysis of Accidents involving Cyclists based on Extended Traffic Accident Data. Master Thesis. Start: 1.6.2023; End: 1.12.2023. Mentoring: Lindner, Dr. Takayasu, Ilic. Abstract.
  • Yu, Jingyao: Building a Digitial Twin of a LiDAR-Based 3D-Point-Cloud for AI-Perception Training Purposes. Master Thesis. Start: 1.4.2023; End: 30.11.2023. Mentoring: Ilic, Alvarez. Abstract.
  • Mustafa, Fuad: Development of a space utilization concept for a test in-tersection for automated and connected mobility and implementation in traffic simulation. Master Thesis. Start: 8.5.2023; End: 8.11.2023. Mentoring: Margreiter, Ilic. Abstract.
  • Elzahani, Mohamed: Life Cycle Assessment of a Large-Scale Rail Infrastructure Project: A Case Study of ABS 38. Master Thesis. Start: 20.3.2023; End: 20.9.2023. Mentoring: Ilic, Fehn. Abstract.
  • Zhu, Chenxin: Behavioral models of the interaction between non-motorized and motorized road users - focus on automated vehicles. Master Thesis. Start: 1.1.2023; End: 1.8.2023. Mentoring: Kutsch, Stüger, Ilic. Abstract.
  • Kayaburun, Kaan: Public Transport Becomes Autonomous - Identification of Human Driver Tasks. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 24.4.2023; End: 20.10.2023. Mentoring: Lindner, Ilic, Alvarez. Abstract.
  • Müller, Ramon: Requirement identification and scenario definition for mobility-impaired road user groups in urban traffic. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.11.2022; End: 1.4.2023. Mentoring: Lindner, Ilic, Dr. Kessler. Abstract.
  • Pries, Oliver: Investigation of the life cycle assessment of conventional city logistics and innovative bicycle logistics concepts. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 12.9.2022; End: 11.2.2023. Mentoring: Fehn, Ilic. Abstract.
  • Sari, Rahmi Puspita: Development of an Emission and Life Cycle Assessment Model for different Types of Ride Pooling Vehicles. Study Project. Mentoring: Fehn, Ilic.
  • Belikhov, Danil: Development of a machine learning model for the extrapolation of short-term bicycle counts with the inclusion of meteorological data. Master Thesis. Start: 10.6.2022; End: 10.12.2022. Mentoring: Ilic. Abstract.
  • Sari, Rahmi Puspita: E-Bike city Munich: Gains in accessibility, capacity and energy savings. Master Thesis. Start: 11.5.2022; End: 18.11.2022. Mentoring: , Ilic. Abstract.
  • Esfahani, Seyed: Development of an Open-Source Framework for Modeling Traffic-Related Emission Concentrations in Urban Areas. Master Thesis. Start: 1.4.2022; End: 9.11.2022. Mentoring: Ilic. Abstract.
  • Xia, Yujie: Development and Application of an Evaluation Tool for Data Quality Assessment of different Sensor Systems. Master Thesis. Start: 15.5.2022; End: 24.10.2022. Mentoring: Ilic, Kutsch. Abstract.
  • Pfeiffer, Lukas: Simulation analysis of the influence of the communication of fully automated vehicles with the infrastructure as well as other road users on the subjective safety perception of vulnerable road users. Master Thesis. Start: 15.4.2022; End: 14.10.2022. Mentoring: Ilic, Margreiter, Lindner. Abstract.
  • Ibbeedu Vijayendra Gowda, Arpitha: Development of an Emission and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Tool for different Ride-Pooling Vehicle Types. Master Thesis. Start: 15.3.2022; End: 20.9.2022. Mentoring: Fehn, Ilic. Abstract.
  • Vollmer, Marie: Comparison of VRU Perception of the Driving Behavior of Automated and Manually Driven Vehicles. Master Thesis. Start: 16.11.2021; End: 24.6.2022. Mentoring: , Ilic, Lindner. Abstract.
  • Heiß, Thomas: Literature review of the state of the art in X2X communication and development of experimental designs for the incorporation of VRUs into the communication flow. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 1.6.2022; End: 1.11.2022. Mentoring: Ilic. Abstract.
  • Plessner, Anna: Analysis of Historical Air Quality Data in Munich and Comparison With Applied Clean Air Measures. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 5.5.2022; End: 5.10.2022. Mentoring: Dr. Tsakarestos, Ilic. Abstract.
  • Somakala Subbaraman: Automatic Detection, Classification, and Analysis of Traffic Conflicts from Trajectory Data. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 13.5.2022; End: 28.9.2022. Mentoring: Malcolm, Ilic. Abstract.
  • Kinkela, Corinna: Literature review on the potential impact of different urban traffic control measures. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.11.2021; End: 15.4.2022. Mentoring: Sautter, Ilic. Abstract.
  • Queener, Alyssa: Literature review on behaviour models regarding the interactions of vulnerable road users (VRU) and automated vehicles. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 15.10.2021; End: 15.3.2022. Mentoring: , Ilic. Abstract.
  • Tellioglu, Selin: Literature review on the application of social force models for mixed traffic. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 14.10.2021; End: 14.3.2022. Mentoring: Malcolm, Ilic. Abstract.
  • Rahman, Md. Manjurur: Comparative Evaluation of Fixed-Time Traffic Control and Traffic-Actuated Control in a SUMO network using the CROSSIG-SUMO-Interface. Study Project. Mentoring: Ilic, Sautter.
  • Korkmaz, Arman: Literature review on types of network-wide traffic control in urban areas with special consideration of artificial intelligence methods. Bachelor Thesis. Start: 17.5.2021; End: 5.10.2021. Mentoring: Ilic, Margreiter. Abstract.