Dr.-Ing. Anna Takayasu

Research Focus

  • Traffic modelling and estimation
  • Multimodal traffic
  • Traffic Stress


Curriculum Vitae

Work experience

since 2023

Technical University of Munich
Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control
TUM Global Postdoc Fellowship

2018 - 2022

Tohoku University, Japan
Graduate School of Information Science
Project: “Research about Traffic Monitoring Technology by Using Sensor Information” supported by Mitsubishi Electric

2017 - 2018

Research Assistent
Tohoku University, Japan
Graduate School of Information Science
Project: “Developing High Performance Data Fusion Analytic Method for Utilization of Big Data” supported by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology-Japan

2016 - 2017

Teaching Assistent
Tohoku University, Japan
Graduate School of Information Science
Course: “Model and Study Traffic Simulation”



Ph.D in Civil Engineering
ENTPE, Université de Lyon, Univ. Gustave Eiffel in France
(Guest Ph.D at EPFL in Switzerland)
Thesis: “Regional Traffic and Trip Characteristics Simulation and Applications for MFD models calibration”

2018 M.Sc. in Information Sciences

Tohoku University in Japan
Thesis: ”A Study of the Effect of the Information Propagation on the Traffic State at Disaster Time”

2016 B.Sc. in Civil Engineering

Tohoku University in Japan
Thesis: “Variational Theory based Traffic State Estimation Method that Considers the Stochasticity of Input Data”


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Supervised Theses

  • Sathya Kumar, Pavithra: Simulation-based Analysis of the Impact of Novel Modes of Transportation at Non-Signalized Intersections. Master Thesis. Start: 21.9.2023; End: 30.4.2024. Mentoring: Stüger, Dr. Takayasu. Abstract.
  • Yamamoto, Shota: Traffic data visualization on a 3D-printed city model. Study Project. Mentoring: Lindner, Dr. Takayasu.
  • Garcia, Walter: Classification of cyclist types. Master Thesis. Start: 20.6.2023; End: 20.12.2023. Mentoring: Dahmen, Dr. Takayasu. Abstract.
  • Dauda, Abdul-Rahman: Risk Analysis of Accidents involving Cyclists based on Extended Traffic Accident Data. Master Thesis. Start: 1.6.2023; End: 1.12.2023. Mentoring: Lindner, Dr. Takayasu, Ilic. Abstract.