On-demand Mobility

Lead: Florian Dandl, Roman Engelhardt

This research group focuses on on-demand mobility services as well as regulatory measures to control transportation systems. Operational and strategical decisions are of particular interest for studying on-demand mobility services, which are often evaluated through agent-based simulations. Within the realm of regulatory measures, a noteworthy concept being explored is the introduction of "Mobility Coins”, which represent a tradable credit system designed to shift the burden of societal and environmental costs associated with mobility onto the end-users.

Research Topics:

On-demand Mobility:

  • Service design (ride-hailing/ride-pooling/ride-parcel-pooling)
  • Assignment and routing algorithms
  • Vehicle repositioning and charging
  • Stop management
  • Intermodality

Mobility Coins:

  • System design and modeling
  • User behavior and acceptance
  • Choice modeling