Street-Dating on 16.02.2023

Various initiatives from Munich were allowed to present themselves & their street space experiments and exchange experiences.

On Thursday, 16.02.2023, the second event in the framework of the Street-Space-Experiments Network Munich took place. Within the network, various initiatives and organisations from society, business and politics are to be networked in order to learn together from experiences on the topic of street space experiments and to initiate systematic change.  

Under the motto "Street Dating", various organisations presented themselves and their projects, including representatives from the Munich Mobility Department, the Munich Sustainability Initiative, the Stuhldisteln, GreenCity e.V., the Freiraumviertel, Spiellandschaften, and academic staff and students from the TUM. Small groups worked on different questions in three rounds. The groups consisted of people from different initiatives and were coordinated by a TUM research assistant. To give you an impression of the event, here is a compilation from the comments of the different groups. 

  • What positive experiences were made? The answers included: many encounters and voluntary engagement of citizens in the neighbourhood, easy approval for SRE at the KVR, positive feedback from various places including residents, politics and administration.
  • What negative experiences were made? Among other things, residents were scolded and targeted for "all sorts of things", there was little willingness to engage in dialogue if the SRE was rejected, there were many requirements in the road traffic laws, vandalism and theft, and there was a lack of funding and appreciation.
  • What are the plans for the future? For 2023, the initiatives are planning, among other things, information events, various summer experiments, more networking of mobility projects in the context of the IAA/mobility congress, demonstrations for sustainable mobility and more dialogue with local stakeholders. 

In addition, participants had the opportunity to give us feedback on the Street Dating event & the network in general: a larger (digital) exchange platform, presentations from the initiatives, more opportunities for joint projects, excursions to street space experiments & presentation of research results in the field of street experiments.

We will take the feedback with us and try to implement the key points mentioned! We already have a few ideas flying around in our heads. The openLAB Urban Mobility will let you know in good time what form they will take in the end. 

We thank all participants for the informative exchange and look forward to the next event! 



An event by Technische Universität München I School of Engineering and Design 

Department of Architecture I Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space (LAO) I Prof. Regine Keller I M.A. Gero Engeser, Dipl. -Ing. Felix Lüdicke 

Department of Mobility Systems Engineering I Chair of Settlement Structure and Transport Planning (SV) I Prof. Dr.-Ing. Gebhard Wulfhorst I M.A. Ana Rivas, M.Sc. Luca Scotellaro, M.Sc. Simone Aumann