Successful Completion of JPI Urban Europe Project EX-TRA!

We are both happy and sad to announce the successful completion of the JPI Urban Europe project EX-TRA (EXperimenting with city streets to TRAnsform urban mobility), led by Luca Bertolini from Universiteit van Amsterdam.

For the past three years, the EX-TRA project has explored strategies to transition towards ‘post-car’ cities through innovative #StreetExperiments conducted in urban living labs across Amsterdam, Bologna, Milan, Ghent, Munich, and London. These experiments aimed to enhance street inclusivity, improve access for walking and cycling, and integrate shared mobility solutions through new methods of public participation.

A key component of the project involved tailoring the accessibility instrument GOAT to the specific needs of the living labs, with Ulrike Jehle, María José Zúñiga Solórzano, and Benjamin Büttner leading this effort. Workshops with regional stakeholders were conducted to evaluate changes in land use and transport infrastructure. Elias Pajares from Plan4Better joined the team to facilitate these workshops, simulating and assessing proposed scenarios, such as a new walking and cycling bridge over the Thames, job densification, and the addition of new amenities.

We extend our gratitude to Luca Bertolini from Universiteit van Amsterdam for his outstanding leadership, as well as to all our project partners and friends for their fruitful collaboration. A special thank you goes to Enrica Papa from the University of Westminster for organizing the closing event on March 14-15 in London.

Learn more about the EX-TRA project here!


Photos: Büttner, 2024