Review 2022: A year with the openLAB Urban Mobility

We look back on an exciting year with the openLAB Urban Mobility. A year full of activities, new series of events, discussions and exchange between civil society, public administration, business and science. Together we are tackling the challenges of the future of mobility.

After the pandemic at the beginning of the year made it difficult to hold events in person due to a surge in infection numbers, many events were postponed. However, the internal strategy retreat of  the Chair of Settlement Structure and Transport Planning is not. Coordinated by openLAB Urban Mobility, the semester break in spring was used to drive to the TUM Academy Center in Raitenhaslach. There, the various research groups of the chair were presented and a strategy for their work as well as for the entire chair was established. In addition, an additional course for TUM students was offered during the lecture-free period, in which methods for  the "interpretation of statistical results for mobility research" were shown. It was the first of its kind within the Spring Break School and ended with great support from participants with a background ranging from physics to social sciences.

At the beginning of the summer semester, further face-to-face events also started  . It all started with the MCube Speaker Series: Future of Mobility. It is a series of lectures that deals with various topics of mobility. In cooperation with the Transport Center of the Deutsches Museum and  the MCube Cluster - Munich Cluster for the Future of Mobility in Metropolitan Regions  , monthly lectures on the topic "Future of Mobility" are held. The range of topics is wide and interdisciplinary. In 2022, a total of six events of this series were held. Here is already a summary of these.

During the semester, various openWALKS were also  offered. With these walks, the participants explored a quarter in Munich and meanwhile got interesting facts about the city and mobility concepts there. In which neighborhoods we were traveling, you can  read here.  By the way, we will continue with this informative series in the summer semester 2023. Information can be found here on the website, on the social media channels of openLAB Urban Mobility as  well as in its newsletter.

During the intervention Arcisstraße in May, we tried to bring to the streets what openLAB Urban Mobility actually is. Within a day, Arcisstraße would be closed and the street space would be used  through justification and other activities to show how the space can also be used. The openLAB  and SmartHubs were on site and presented their work.  The intervention was initiated by TUM students.

And then the semester felt like it was already over, the lectureperiod was over and the students and teachers were preparing for the exams. However, the events did not take a break. Through various summer schools, students were able to get to know the activities and teaching areas of the chair more intensively. Within the activities, among other things, a parklet was  built near the TUM. The parklet served throughout the summer as a terrace for the employees of the chair and, of course, for the residents and passers-by. At  the TUM Sustainability Day,  the parklet was  presented as a program item within the action day.

Shortly before the start of the winter semester 2022, the openLAB Urban Mobility celebrated its first birthday. During the openHOUSE event,  the doors of the  new premises were opened and the doing and doing of the openLAB was described with a small presentation  .  

As far as doing and doing are concerned, the staff of the chair also discuss in a monthly internal openLUNCH, where  individual projects are presented during the lunch break. Thus, the exchange within the chair should be demanded. Lunch is also available  for our student assistants, who meet once a month to eat pizza and talk about their studies.

Towards the end of the year, we also revived the concept of mapping parties at the chair. As part of a Mapping Party - Christmas Edition, we invited students to map together and meet new people. Details can be found here. If you would like to organize a mapping party  , please feel free to contact us. We are happy to support you! 

The year ended with a new series of events. With the format street-space experiments , openLAB Urban Mobility together with the Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space (LAO) would like to invite all stakeholders of street experiments to exchange ideas and find new ideas.

As always, you can find out how and when this and the other formats will continue on our homepage and social media channels.


We would like to thank all friends, colleagues and supporters of the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning. We look back positively on the year 2022 and hope for at least as successful a year 2023.


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