Intervention Arcisstraße

What happens when the street is yours? With the idea of "rethinking the city", TUM students closed Arcisstraße on Saturday, 28 May 2022.

This Intervention Arcisstraßeallowed a variety of different actors to change the street space and address social and environmental aspects of sustainability.

The openLAB Urban Mobility participated in the intervention by Luca Scotellaro informing interested passer-by about the activities of the openLAB and asking them how they would like to participate in the discussion about the future of urban mobility. A variety of exciting suggestions came together: from involving children and young people over bicycle tours to mobility festivals - it was all there!

David Duran presented the SmartHubs project and playfully developed strategies for locating and equipping mobility points.


In addition, the following initiatives were involved in the Arcisstraße intervention:

Die Städtischen, ADFC, MIN (Münchner Initiative Nachhaltigkeit), Kunstareal, Munichways, Green City e.V., Freestyle Slalomskater Munich, NAJU München (Jugendorganisation des Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern e.V.), Fridays for Future, Interventionsklasse (B.A. Boucsein), BA Studio 4. Semester (BA Boucsein), Club Loko, Foodhub München, POP UP Yoga, Freie Lastenradl, OHNE Supermarkt, Mohrvilla, Klimaherbst, Bürgerbegehren 365€ Ticket, Netzwerk Reparatur-Initiativen, Ökoprojekt MobilSpiel e.V. , HighFive e.V., Hans Sauer Stiftung