DesignGame by SmartHubs

What is a mobility hub? And how could it impact the future of urban mobility? How would your ideal hub look like and what are the steps to obtain it?

These are some of the questions that came up during the SmartHubs DesignGame workshop led by David Duran, Maria Teresesa Baquero Larriva, Aaron Nichols & Benjamin Büttner. In the SmartHub project, we intend to co-design mobility hubs by playing a board game. The colleagues from TU Wien developed the instruments so we create the rules of our game ( The openLAB Urban Mobility joined the workshop together with some of our motivated students, where the participants were asked to design a game which facilitates the creation of new hubs!

The SmartHubs project examines mobility hubs, dedicated on-street locations where citizens can choose from different shared and sustainable mobility options. The main objective is to assess if a co-designed, user-centric development can enable mobility hubs to act as a game changer towards inclusive sustainable urban mobility and #accessibility.
Photo credits: Maite Baquero & Luca Scotellaro