Evaluating the impact of ITS in urban areas.

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are increasingly being deployed in urban areas as part of the response to the transport issues they face. The services off ered range from traffi c control through public transport information to travel demand management. However, as each urban area tends to be autonomous and act in response to its own political pressures, it is very diffi cult to build a picture across Europe and beyond of how ITS is being used to provide solutions, the scale of deployment and the comparative eff ectiveness of the implemented solutions. It is important to have this wide picture because it can inform where future investment is needed in research, training and deployment. This information can show where the market is eff ective, where barriers need to be removed and where the effectiveness of investment can be improved.

Ansprechpartner Dr. Antonios Tsakarestos
Keywords Key Performance Indicators, KPI, Evaluation
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