Research Group Integrated Mobility Concepts

Mobility planning is a transversal task, which requires integrated thinking and action. Accordingly, when developing sustainable mobility concepts, integration on the following levels is essential:

  • Transport modes: coordination of the various planning fields (public transport, pedestrian traffic, bicycle traffic and private motorized transport), promotion of multimodality and intermodality
  • Space: Consistent goals and plans across municipal boundaries and spatial scales (local, regional, national)
  • Process: cooperation between different stakeholders (public bodies, private companies, general public) and disciplines (departments, units)

In this context, the activities of the Research Group Integrated Mobility Concepts focus on the following areas:

  • develop integrated mobility concepts for locations, neighborhoods, municipalities, and regions
  • test and implement innovative mobility solutions, services, and concepts
  • design livable and sustainable public spaces
  • develop methods and instruments for integrated planning approaches
  • exploit the potential of intermodal and multimodal mobility solutions
  • assess the impacts of mobility options and concepts

Our current projects in this research area are:

For further information, please contact Dr.-Ing. Julia Kinigadner (head of research group).