Recap: Little big Carpet

On Monday, 19 February 2024, an unique event happend at the Technical University of Munich.

The evening commenced with the world premiere unveiling of a revolutionary creation: a new play carpet crafted by Lior Steinberg. Departing from conventional play carpets centered around cars, this groundbreaking innovation symbolized a future where cities thrive as vibrant, sustainable hubs of community life.

Simone Battisti, Director of Qendra Marrëdhënie (QM), delivered a compelling keynote, emphasizing the pivotal role of imagination, play, and the concept of school streets in shaping the cities of tomorrow.

Interactive discussions with leading mobility experts ignited thought-provoking dialogues, offering attendees a platform to contribute to the ongoing transformation of urban living. From sharing visionary perspectives to posing insightful queries, participants became integral parts of the conversation driving urban mobility innovation.

The event offered a hands-on exploration of the carpet's features, inviting attendees to playfully engage with its imaginative design. Through interactive experiences, guests delved into the potential of innovative urban planning to foster vibrant, sustainable, and enjoyable cityscapes.