MOOC Street Experiments for Sustainable and Resilient cities

Interested in how street experiments can help our cities become more livable, sustainable, and resilient? Benjamin Büttner and Ana Rivas guide you through our free Coursera MOOC in collaboration with George Liu and supported by TUM Institute for LifeLong Learning and EIT Urban Mobility.

Our streetscape, despite its feeling of permanence in our environment, is an ideal venue for experimentation. We have come to accept traffic movement as the default function for the street. Therefore, we need to rethink its design and space distribution, go back to its original and basic function and see them as public spaces -  Transform them into places for social activities, where conversations can take place and places where kids can play. This course shows you examples of remarkable changes and gives you a toolbox for implementing and evaluating street experiments yourself. We invite you on this journey to reimagine what is possible if we dare to use our public space differently.

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