Workshop on Tradable Mobility Credits in Lyon

This week, a group of researchers from our chair, along with Professor Klaus Bogenberger, had the opportunity to attend a workshop on Tradable Mobility Credits in Lyon. The event was hosted by ENTPE and Université Gustave Eiffel and funded by the Université franco-allemande Deutsch-Französische Hochschule UFA DFH. During the workshop, Philipp Servatius and Santiago Álvarez-Ossorio presented their current research within the MobilityCoins project and participated in a panel session with Louis Balzer, which was chaired by our very own Allister Loder. Our new colleague, Elena Natterer, also had the chance to meet our French partners and discuss her research plans. It was great to strengthen our cooperation with the Transport and Traffic Engineering laboratory, , and discuss project opportunities. Thanks to Ludovic Leclercq and his team for hosting us. We are looking forwards to our next joint workshop!