New CRUDEN driving simulator

Exciting news! We recently received our new CRUDEN driving simulator. The installation is complete, and our team consisting of Arslan Ali Syed, Johannes Lindner, Martin Margreiter und Maya Sekeran will now be trained to use the simulator safely and efficiently. We will be able to simulate realistic driving scenarios and examine how drivers and automated vehicle passengers react to different traffic situations and road layouts using our simulator. A special feature of the simulator is its capability to seamlessly switch between human-driven and automated driving mode, providing a unique and dynamic simulation experience.

One of the first research tasks will be evaluated as part of the SAVeNoW project to investigate the perceived safety in freeway scenarios.

Many thanks to CRUDEN, especially Dennis, András, Daniel, Tim, Ruud, and Sarit, for the professional and very pleasant cooperation, and - of course - for a fantastic driving simulator!