New E-Scooter-Simulator 🛴

We are thrilled to share that our team has just welcomed a cutting-edge addition to our arsenal: a brand new E-Scooter Simulator! 🚀 🛴
With the rise of electric scooters in urban transportation, we understand the importance of staying ahead of the curve and embracing innovative solutions. This simulator will enable us to explore and fine-tune the future of urban mobility in a safe and controlled environment.
Benefits of our E-Scooter Simulator:

  • Reproducible experiments to understand the unique features of electric scooters in urban traffic scenarios.
  • Simulate real-world scenarios to analyze rider behavior and safety measures.
  • Safety-critical interactions between road users, especially VRUs with deliberate rule violations.

We firmly believe that sustainable transportation is key to building smarter and greener cities, and this simulator will undoubtedly play a crucial role in achieving that vision.
Special thanks to thireks GmbH who worked hard to bring this simulator to life, particularly to Pascal Brunner, Florian Denk, and Felix Fröhling. Also, we thank our STADT:up team Mathias Pechinger, Lisa Kessler, Mario Ilic, and Johannes Lindner, who will gear up for an exciting journey towards a cleaner, more accessible future!