Isabella Waldorf receives third prize from Heureka Student Awards

Isabella Waldorf, researcher at the Chair of Traffic Engineering and Control, received the third prize of the Heureka Student Award at heureka'24 in Stuttgart.


The Heureka Foundation for Environment and Mobility honors outstanding Master's theses dedicated to issues in mobility in connection with environmental aspects or the use of optimization methods.


Isabella's master's thesis "Mobility for Whom? Evaluating the 9 EUR-Ticket from a Mobility Justice Perspective" was written as part of the Mobilität.Leben project and was supervised by Prof. Stefan Wurster.


In her work, Isabella used propensity score matching, a method from the causal inference literature, to estimate the effect of the 9 EUR-Ticket on marginalized groups. She considered various indicators such as participation in activities, use of public transport and financial relief.