Within the Project IMAGinE – Intelligent maneuver automation – cooperative hazard avoidance in real time, the TU Munich researchs together with automotive manufacturers, suppliers and scientific research institutes cooperative Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS). The research initiative is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy.


Human drivers cooperate in everyday traffic directly by means of indicator, horn and hand signs and indirectly e.g. through lane changes and varying the size of the gap to the preceding vehicle. In this way they contribute to a safe, efficient and smooth traffic flow. These tasks can currently not be performed by ADAS and automatic driving functions because of the limitation to their own sensors and operating range. Furthermore, they have not the ability to share the necessary content with other vehicles.


The objective of the project IMAGinE is the development of new ADAS which enable vehicles and infrastructure to cooperate with each other. Therefore, the exchange of information as well as the coordination and decision making between intelligent systems and drivers will be realized. The proof of concept will be demonstrated by six representative functions.

Role of the TU Munich and the FTM within IMAGinE

Within the project, the TU Munich addresses the human machine interaction of the systems being developed. This includes the research of acceptance, metrics and evaluation criteria for quantifying cooperative performance and conceptual design of a human machine interface. The focus of the Institute of automotive technology within these tasks is on the functions cooperative distance control between vehicles and cooperative passing maneuver of trucks on highways which can be implemented in the dynamic truck driving simulator of the institute.

Project partner and funding body