Frequently Asked Questions

No, unfortunately we do not offer internships at our institute. Therefore, please refrain from applying for an internship.

Please contact the responsible supervisor:

All our subjects are recorded and are available online shortly after the date. For supplementary subjects, please contact the respective supervisor of the course. Attendance is compulsory for internships, so unfortunately we can only help you in individual cases.

We offer lectures and exams only in the language(s) indicated on the respective lecture page.

In addition to an above-average Master's degree, we expect a lot of personal responsibility and drive and at least a basic knowledge of the German language with the will to get better at it.

No, we do not supervise industrial PhD candidates. Please apply to one of our open positions. No reply on such applications will be given.

No, we do not supervise any theses and/or projects coming from a company. Please apply to one of our open positions.

We only issue letters of recommendation for students who have worked at the institute as part of a thesis or student activity. In this case, please contact your supervisor.

We don't participate in any of those.

In principle yes, but only when it comes to student initiatives like TUfast. In that case please contact the lecture supervisor. The presentation can only take place after the lecture.

Please send exact information about the time and location of the event, the number of participants and the available budget. Usually I accept only very few invitations with little travel time. Please do not be dissappointed.

Please contact the responsible supervisor:

We don't advertise internships or vacancies on our homepage. For such offers, please refer to the student council (

E-mails are pre-selected by my secretary and only forwarded to me if they meet the above criteria.