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Driver assistance and driver information systems are intended to relieve the driver and provide the best possible support in completing the driving task. At the same time, these systems require operation and monitoring, which in turn means additional strain for the driver. Overtaxing the driver by an uncoordinated, situation-independent information transfer from the vehicle systems represents a danger, especially in safety-critical traffic situations. This danger is to be reduced by means of a workload manager that optimises the transmission of information.


The aim is to develop a workload manager that recognises the current workload of the driver and optimises the output of vehicle messages depending on this.


  • Development of a technical concept that analyses driver stress and determines the optimal output time. In doing so, it must be taken into account how much information the driver can process depending on the current situation without exposing him to a critical load.
  • Prototypical realisation of the technical concept
  • Verification and evaluation of the concept with the help of a test person study. Analysis of the effect of the system on the driver in terms of road safety, stress, etc.
  • Derivation of optimisation possibilities and final specification of a workload manager.