UR:BAN - Subproject HMI

Project Completed - Contact: ftm@ftm.mw.tum.de

UR:BAN – Urbaner Raum: Benutzergerechte Assistenzsysteme und Netzmanagement (Urban Space: User-friendly Assistant Systems and Networks) - is a research initiative with 30 partners from the automotive and supply industry, scientific research institutes  as well as electronic, communication and software companies. The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology.

UR:BAN focuses on driving assistance systems in urban areas. The project is structured in three domains: Cognitive Assistance (Kognitive Assistenz), Networked Transportation Systems (Vernetzte Verkehrssysteme) and Human Aspects in Traffic (Mensch im Verkehr).

The aim of the project domain Human Aspects in Traffic (Mensch im Verkehr) is to support drivers in urban areas to allow stress-free, anticipatory and fuel-efficient driving.

Within this framework the Institute of Automotive Technology develops in cooperation with MAN Truck & Bus AG a Human-Machine-Interaction concept for anticipatory vehicle control systems in commercial vehicles. For experimental purposes the dynamic truck driving simulator at the Institute of Automotive Technology is used.

Co-operation Partner

MAN Truck & Bus AG

Funding Body

Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi)