Problem statement

The importance of micro electric cars is increasing for future mobility concepts and specifically in urban areas. The main challenge for development of the micro e-cars is offering an adequate safety level. Due to their ultra-light weight and small size, occupants of these vehicles are more vulnerable in car-to-car collisions. Thus, crash compatibility of micro cars is vital for their occupants.

Although there are already some micro e-cars in the market, there is not yet any safety regulation for their crash performance, which considers specific safety requirements of micro cars.


In this project a method will be developed to optimize the crash structures of micro e-cars for crash-compatibility in frontal collisions.


  1. First, a definition model for crash safety and crash compatibility will be developed. This model defines the goal of crash compatibility and provides a basis for discussions in this field of study.
  2. A crash analysis should deliver important parameters for the crash compatibility and occupant safety. These parameters will be used to evaluate different test approaches and development of an assessment approach for crash compatibility of micro e-cars.
  3. The developed test approach and criteria from work-package 2 will be used to optimize the crash structure of a micro e-car. For this optimization some parametric models will be created and optimized. The optimized model will be simulated in various crash configurations to validate the optimized crash performance.
  4. In this work-package, the effectiveness of different safety measures (e.g. impact of packages) will be evaluated for the crash-compatibility. The goal is to propose effective safety measures for compatible micro e-cars.




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