Research Group Accessibility Planning

Our aim is to support integrated land-use and transport planning by means of accessibility - a concept, which has been proven to enhance quality of life and sustainability in our cities. Accessibility instruments empower interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral discussions among various stakeholders, decision-makers and citizens.

Our applied research lays the focus on:

  • Accessibility Instruments for Planning Practice
  • CO2 Accessibility Assessments
  • Monetary Accessibility Assessments
  • Intermodal Accessibility
  • Accessibility and Equity
  • Webbased Open Accessibility Tools
  • Local Accessibility by Proximity with Active Mobility


The following team members are currently part of the Research Group Accessibility Planning:

The group meets regularly in an open setting to discuss our current and future research ideas and projects. If you would like to get more information about the group, please get in touch with Benjamin Büttner

If you would like learn more about our latest research, have a look at our profile on ResearchGate or check out our posts on LinkedIn, or follow us on Twitter!

And on the Meta Accessibility website you can find a collection of accessibility for urban and transport planning, where you can also request to add a tool.