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What exactly is the openLAB Urban Mobility?

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You may have observed that all updates and details regarding the mobil.TUM 2024: The Future of Mobility and Urban Space conference are exclusively shared via the TUM openLAB Urban Mobility's official LinkedIn account. But what is the openLAB Urban Mobility? And how is it connected to mobil.TUM 2024 ?

TUM openLAB Urban Mobility

As the name suggests, the TUM openLAB Urban Mobility finds its home at the Technische Universität München (TUM), within the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning, the main organizer of mobil.TUM 2024. Under the guidance of Luca Scotellaro, the openLAB serves as a hub for discussing and sharing ideas surrounding the future of urban mobility. Therefore, next years mobil.TUM 2024 conference, which will also focus on the Future of Mobility and Urban Space, fits perfectly to the openLAB Urban Mobility. The conference aligns seamlessly into the activities of openLAB Urban Mobility, which are:


  • International cooperation on a European and worldwide level: mobil.TUM 2024 reflects the highest level of international cooperation in the work of openLAB. In addition, openLAB aims to bring together international researchers from Europe and beyond to discuss current issues of urban mobility.
  • Transdisciplinary research with students, scientists, public participation, internal and external partners: The openLAB Urban Mobility hosts workshops for students and the public. As one example, we have the Walking Awareness Workshop, originally initated by María Teresa Baquero Larriva, focusing on experiencing challenges faced by seniors, wheelchair users, and people with disabilities in traffic. Another workshop was the openMapping Party, supported by Héctor Ochoa Ortiz, gathering people to contribute to OpenStreetMap while socializing.
  • Interdisciplinary networking within and outside TUM: The openLAB Urban Mobility organized the Urban Mobility PhD Colloquium, at which doctoral students from TUM were able to present their research results. This year, the colloquium was transformed into an international doctoral colloquium on "The Future of Urban Mobility", organized by Technische Universität München, University of California, Berkeley, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and McGill University. By focusing on various international research fields of urban mobility, doctoral students and experts from different disciplines can exchange knowledge and network with other colleagues ⏩ Questions? Reach out to Benjamin Büttner and David Duran.
  • Cooperation with regional practice partners: Moreover, openLAB hosts the MCube Speaker Series: Future of Mobility in collaboration with MCube - Munich Cluster for the future of Mobility in Metropolitan Regions and Deutsches Museum. This series delves into current mobility topics from theory and practice. Bachelor students can incorporate this Speaker Series into their study program. ➡️ Next event happens on Thursday, 14.12.2023, on the topic “Reflections on one year of the Reallabor aqt Kolumbusstraße”.
  • A place of encounter, a platform for dialogue: The openLAB Urban Mobility isn't confined to a single location; it's a journey through urban mobility in Munich. Through the openWALKS series in summer, the public is invited to delve into the intertwining dynamics between transportation and urban evolution in Munich's neighborhoods. It's an opportunity for exploration, dialogue, and the cultivation of ideas for the future of urban mobility. Additionally, openLAB and LAO (Chair of Landscape Architecture and Public Space) launched the Munich-wide Network for Street-Space Experiments. The platform facilitates the exchange of experiences and insights among organizers, experts, and stakeholders involved in street experiments, fostering collaborative learning and development.
  • Consultation on regional politics and integration into the international discourse: The "Miniblock Steinhuber" project in Munich focused on redesigning the public space in the Steinheil- and Enhuberstraße area in Maxvorstadt neighborhood. The openLAB Urban Mobility provides support for the project's communication and evaluation.


Acting as the primary communication platform for the TUM Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning, the openLAB Urban Mobility regularly shares the latest research developments, noteworthy news, and insightful perspectives. Key communication channels include:

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