The mobil.TUM 2024 - The Future of Mobility and Urban Space conference is organized by the Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning at the TUM School of Engineering and Design. The organization committee actively seeks sponsors enthusiastic about providing financial support, participating in on-site presence through exhibition booths on the EXPO space of the conference venue and the conference dinner.

To accommodate a wide range of potential sponsors, we have devised a comprehensive three-tiered sponsorship system, ensuring that all interested companies, organizations, start-ups, or individuals are able to participate. Sponsors will have the opportunity to showcase their presence in front of a diverse international audience consisting of experts, researchers, and students specializing in various aspects of mobility. It's worth mentioning that in addition to the suggested compensation benefits, we enthusiastically invite any other proposals related to benefits and sponsorship amounts, which will be thoughtfully reviewed by the conference organizing committee.

The three categories of sponsoring include different benefits: 

Pre-event recognition


Sponsoring categories



(€ 5.000 - 7.000)


(€ 3.500 - 5.000)


(€ 2.000 - 3.500)

Link to sponsor profil on mobil.TUM webpage yes yes  
Logo on the mobil.TUM webpage yes yes yes
Logo on all event marketing material and program big medium small
Specific social media posts from mobil.TUM channels yes    

Permission to use all mobil.TUM marketing materials and digital information for your branding purposes

yes yes yes

Event recognition

Physical space in the conference venue for advertising stand + person only person  
Promotional video during break times multiple once  
Logo on the conference banners and photo wall big medium small
Logo on conference bag for delegates  yes    
Products or promotion information inside attendants bags yes yes yes
Tickets for the entire conference duration 3 1  

Post-event recognition

Logo on conference publications yes yes  
Certificate of sponsoring and recognition of participation yes yes yes
Space to promote open job positions in our newsletter yes yes  


If you are interested in the mobil.TUM 2024 SPECIALS, please contact us by email: mobiltum.svp@ed.tum.de. The implementation and the prices of the special benefits will be discussed individually.

Conference dinner: 

  1. Personalize the conference dinner under your company name (e.g., Invitation to "(company name) Conference Dinner" or "Conference Dinner sponsored by (company name)".) 
  2. Space for promotion during the conference dinner
Logo on lanyards of name badge      
Slot in the program to organize your own outdoor activity, site visits, showing product