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Main Conference Sponsor

EIT Urban Mobility, part of the European Institute of Technology (EIT), is the largest European innovation community for urban mobility in cities. Since January 2019, EIT Urban Mobility has been working to encourage positive changes in the way people move around cities to make them more liveable places. As such, EIT Urban Mobility works on transport strategies and mobility plans at an EU, national, and local level, with the goal of making a positive impact on the environment and the quality of life. 

The Chair of Urban Structure and Transport Planning and EIT Urban Mobility engage together in various projects, including Street Experiments Tool (SET), City LivEAbility by Redesign (CLEAR), Living Lab e-MicrOmoBilitY (MOBY), and Policies and Regulations Required for Enabling the MaaS Concept (Pro-MaaS). We also collaborate in different training formats, most importantly the  EIT's Doctoral Training Network (DTN) and the Remaking the Street Summer School. Through this robust partnership, sustainable mobility in cities is actively researched, promoted, and transmitted to future experts.

At the mobil.TUM 2024 conference, discover EIT Urban Mobility at their physical information booth in the EXPO area of the venue. Connect with the representatives to delve deeper into EIT Urban Mobility’s mission, initiatives, and programs. You want to get information ahead? Feel free to check out the website of EIT Urban Mobility: Home - EIT Urban Mobility.

Further Sponsors

The Munich Cluster for the Future of Mobility in Metropolitan Regions (MCube) is dedicated to the mission of positioning Munich as a trailblazer for sustainable and transformative mobility innovations. MCube operates as a "learning region" to craft scalable solutions with exemplary traits for metropolitan regions across Germany and around the globe.

The PTV Group stands as a world-renowned software enterprise specializing in traffic planning, simulation, and real-time management. Boasting over four decades of expertise in the mobility sector, this company, headquartered in Germany, delivers software solutions crafted on unique algorithms. 

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