Chao Gao

CSC Scholarship for joint PhD students

Research Associate

Telephone: +49-17-445-37274



Chao Gao received a Bachelor's degree from Chang’an University, China in 2016. Then, he studied transportation planning and management at the College of Transportation Engineering in Chang’an University, China from 2016 to 2018. He started his PhD program in the same area after completing his master's program there in 2018. Currently, he is working as a research associate at the Modeling Spatial Mobility Research Group, funded by a Scholarship of the Chinese Scholarship Council.


Transportation Practice Summer Semester in Shaanxi Business College Co-instructor  
Transportation System Winter Semester in Chang'an University Teaching assistant




Major Project of the National Social Science Foundation of China (Study on the Spatial Effects of Cross-Regional Major Infrastructure in China) -No.20&ZD099


Sub-project of the National Key R&D Program of the Ministry of Science and Technology of China (Research and development of information holographic perception and intelligent control and safety guidance technology and equipment for large scale natural disaster traffic networks) -No.2020YFC1512000

01.2017- 12.2019

Ministry of Transport Strategic Planning Policy Project (Research on monitoring system of road freight industry based on big data mining technology) -No.2017-7-6

Research Interests

Transportation in Built Environment  
Integrated Land Use and Transportation Modeling  
Digital Transport Infrastructure


Honors and Awards

06.2021 Representative Papers of China Association for Science and Technology Excellence Action Plan Project
03.2021 2020 China Road Society Transportation and Innovation Award (11th participant)
2018 & 2019 Pacemaker to Merit Student
2012 & 2016 Outstanding graduate student
2013 & 2015

National Scholarship


Sun Maopeng, Gao Chao, Xue Chenlei, Zhang Siyi, Li Cengceng. A Data-Driven Method for Measuring Accessibility to Healthcare Using the Spatial Interpolation Model[J]. IEEE Access, 2021, 9: 64972-64982.[Publisher's Website]

Dong Shi, Cui Zhiwei, Pan Xiaoxiong, Wang Jianwei, Gao Chao. Exploring early prevention and control of COVID-19 outbreak based on system dynamics model analysis[J]. Journal of Zhejiang University. Medical Sciences, 2021, 50(1): 41-51. [Open Access]

Wang Jianwei*; Gao Chao, Dong Shi, Xu Sheng, Yuan Changwei, Zhang Chi, Huang Zebin, Bu Shanshan, Chang Qing, Wang Yue. Current Status and Future Prospects of Existing Research on Digitalization of Highway Infrastructure[J].China Journal of Highway and Transport, 2020, 33(11):101-124. [Publisher's Website]

Liu Yuteng; Wang Jianwei*; Gao Jie; Chao Gao; Measurement of energy rebound effect and evolutionary trend analysis in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, Environmental Protection Science, 2020, 46(05):47-52. [Open Access]

Zhang Shengzhong*; Chen Tingting; Sun Rongting; Bai Xue; Chao Gao; Research on Optimization of Hazardous Materials Transportation Vehicle Route Considering Load Capacity, Journal of WuT (Information and Management Engineering), 2020, 42(04):290-297. [Open Access]

Chao Gao*; Jianwei Wang; Quantitative Study on the Space Use around Subway Stations: A Case Study on the Central City of Xi'an, China, the 7th International Conference on Transportation and Space-time Economics (TSTE 2019), Bejing, China, 2019.10.11 to 2019.10.13.

Shengzhong Zhang; Chao Gao*; Mengfei Yin; Research on the Impact of Retailers Risk Appetite on Inventory Decision, Proceedings of the 7th international conference on logistics and systems engineering, Hunan,China, 2017.8.1 to 2017.8.3.