Joanna Ji


Research Associate

Telefon: +49-(0)89-289-28598




Joanna Ji studied Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California - Berkeley from 2009 - 2013. She then continued her studies at the Technical University of Munich from 2014 - 2017, specializing in Environmental Engineering and focusing on Urban Transport and Environment. She worked for the PTV Group as a Project Engineer in London, U.K. Finally, in 2021, she re-joined the Travel Behavior Reserach Group at TUM as a research associate and Doctorate candidate. 


Research Interests

Transport Demand Modeling

Data Visualization


  • Ji, Joanna; Hannon, Gabriel Ignatius; Zhang, Qin; Moreno, Ana Tsui; Moeckel, Rolf: Applying an Agent-Based Social Network in Travel Forecasting with Effects on Disease Spread. 103 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, 2024 more… BibTeX poster
  • Llorca, Carlos; Ji, Joanna; Molloy, Joseph; Moeckel, Rolf: The usage of location based big data and trip planning services for the estimation of a long-distance travel demand model. Predicting the impacts of a new high speed rail corridor. Research in Transportation Economics 72, 2018, 27-36 BibTeX  Volltext ( DOI )