Yangqian Cai

Research Associate

Email: yangqian.cai@tum.de



Yangqian Cai studied Civil Engineering  at Chang'an University, China from 2016 - 2020. He then completed his master's program delivered by Imperial College London and University College London, in 2022, focusing both on transport modelling and micromobility. He also did his Master thesis in UCL PEARL, where he gained experience on psychological experiment. After that, he joined the Travel Behavior Research Group at TUM as a research associate in Feb. 2023.

Research Interests

  • Cycling behavior
  • Transport psychology
  • Discrete choice modeling


  • Project seminar
  • Object-Oriented Programming for Transport Engineers


  • Cai, Yangqian; Moreno, Ana Tsui: The heterogeneity of preferences of leisure cyclists for rural highway environment: A hybrid-choice latent-class model. IATBR - 17th International Conference on Travel Behavior Research, 2024
  • Moreno, Ana Tsui; Cai, Yangqian; Linares-Ramirez, Santiago; Washburn, Scott; Al-Kaisy, Ahmed; Barrios, Jorge; Schroeder, Bastian: Motivations and Constraints for Rural Cycling Based on User Perception. Recommendations for Bicycle Analysis Procedures. 103 Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board, 2024
  • Cai, Y., 2024. Pedestrian auditory perception of approaching vehicles from behind in shared space: the impact of quietness of electric vehicles. Transportation Research Procedia78, pp.594-601.