Mobility is a great challenge facing the world at large irrespective of how developed any country may be. As long as there is growth in both population and infrastructure, the issues of transferring people and goods from one point to the other remain a big challenge to every society.

Africa is a growing economy and market is domicile. Due to the economic fluctuation in the continent, people struggle to feed themselves. Thus, they do not have any need for luxury but instead the need to move from one place to another. That is why the need for a better and sustainable mobility concept in the continent cannot be overlooked. 


AfriCar deals with mobility needs in rural areas of Sub-Saharan Africa in the years 2020-2030. The goal is to generate a coherent vehicle concept that addresses the issues of a rural population which is in the most cases a prisoner of their feet. The developed vehicle will provide better access to healthcare, education and information in the remote areas and thus, it will lead to a better awareness of its problems.


Some of the issues to be addressed are pollution and climate change, increase in urbanization, decrease in available fossil fuels and crime. The AfriCar team is to raise ideas that will provide a sustainable solution to mobility challenges in rural areas of Africa through the design of a robust, affordable, economic and environmentally friendly vehicle that will utilize a high amount of local materials.

By using simple, robust and inexpensive biomedical sensors, even basic medical examinations are conceivable. Multifunctionality can be ensured through modularity and thus through the combination of existing technologies wherever possible. This also makes it possible to provide the end customer with a basic vehicle framework.