QuadRad (e-GAP)

Project completed - Contact: ftm@ftm.mw.tum.de
Concept image of a sporty variant
Concept image of a commercial variant


The introduction of electric mobility in a touristic sense has a high potential with respect to regions where existing infrastructure can hardly cope with the high mobility requirements of the tourists. The high volume of traffic in a touristical region and the related pollution and both noise emissions and traffic congestion are in a powerful contrast to the desire of tourists for rest and relaxation. The use of electrically powered micro-vehicles such as electric bicycles (e-bikes, pedelecs) counteracts this problem.

However, a bicycle rider must accept significant limitations in terms of driving comfort, security and transport capacity. This avoids the use of a bicycle in some private and commercial applications that seem significantly oversized for the conventional automobiles.


A new vehicle concept called "QuadRad" is intended to close this gap in the market, combining low cost with a high level of comfort and transport capacity. The “QuadRad” is a kind of bike with four wheels and an electric motor.


Different kind of “QuadRäder” will be designed and built for the following operational scenarios:

  • Commercial: As a mobile light truck in urban and rural space
  • Private: For moving, completion of purchases and safe transport of children
  • Sports: As a fun device on asphalt as well as demanding unpaved mountain roads
  • Tourism: For city tours, comfortable, close to nature tours

Furthermore, the electric powertrain is optimized and developed within the project. In addition, a biometric control for the electric actuator is developed in combination with a highly precise range model. The operating and display unit (HMI) is realized with a smartphone connectivity. The verification of the new vehicle concept takes place in the framework of the model community for electric mobility Garmisch-Partenkirchen (e-GAP).