Problem Statement

Anthropogenic climate change is currently presenting all industrial sectors with major technical and economic challenges. The emission of climate-damaging gases (CO2, CH4, etc.) causes a progressive warming of the earth's atmosphere, which, if unchecked, will have far-reaching effects on the living conditions of mankind.

The transport sector is a major lever in the reduction of emissions, which is why various alternative drive technologies are currently being investigated to ensure climate-neutral mobility in the long term. Currently, concepts such as battery electric and fuel cell electric drives are the focus of attention. Furthermore, hybridization (combination with combustion engines) and the use of synthetic fuels are being investigated (Power-to-X: petrol and diesel substitutes produced from renewable electricity).


This research project deals with the comparison of alternative drive technologies in the field of application of company fleets. In addition to the GHG emissions (greenhouse gas emissions), the primary energy demand and the costs of the vehicle fleets are also considered in order to be able to carry out customer-oriented investment estimates.


  • Research of the database on GHG emissions, primary energy and costs of the various drive technologies
  • Mobility data recording and analysis for selected company fleets
  • Development of a fleet simulation under consideration of the different drive technologies