So far, there isn’t any ICT-based analysis method that thoroughly examines a commercial company’s potential to electrify its vehicle fleet. Furthermore, the current market availability of vehicle concepts for commercial electric mobility is very limited, but the demand on specifically configured vehicles for defined commercial areas will continue to increase. Likewise, there aren’t any comprehensive business models for the economic operation of a company that primarily incorporates the connection of an electric vehicle fleet to its independent energy management system ("Fleet2Company"). In addition to these, there isn’t also any comprehensive analysis of the overall load management, energy management, including weather forecast and an intelligent Smart-Meter-Connection in electrified industries for the development of broad ICT-based applications.


The goal of the project is to develop a methodology for the integration of electric vehicles in commercial companies in an economically profitable way by a both virtual and real attempt. This should be done by firstly virtually examining the already existing mobility and energy infrastructures of a company on the integration of electric vehicles and then optimizing it in terms of efficiency, environmental friendliness and cost-effectiveness.


  • Mobility analysis of various commercial companies (Handcraft Businesses)
  • Development of a simulation system for analyzing the energy management and the fleet of a company
  • Development of different targeting methods for the integration of electric vehicles into commercial companies: Fleet Management, Energy Management, Charging Management
  • Validation of the targeting methods in selected businesses