At the Chair of Automotive Technology, mobility data from different test groups was being collected for various projects with the help of smartphones. In order to improve the reliability and data quality, specially developed OBD-II data loggers are now used.


The hardware and software was prototypically developed in several iterations in the context of student research projects. Finally, an energy-efficient solution based on an IoT microcontroller proved to be suitable. Thus, 70 data loggers were manufactured in the first generation and further developed in field tests. Of the resulting second generation, 370 data loggers are currently in use.


  • Automatic recognition of start and end of trip
  • High frequency recording of GPS, IMU, altitude and OBD-II data
  • Automatic upload of data to the evaluation server via WiFi
  • Integration of remote management and update functions
  • Sustainability through expansion interfaces and computing reserves
  • Suitable for long-term use due to a very low standby energy consumption