Electric vehicles will become increasingly important in the future. Compared to conventional cars with combustion engines, the short range of electric vehicles is a central problem. Therefore, energy consumption is to be reduced in order to achieve a longer range. The rolling resistances on the tyres are responsible for not negligible energy losses on the entire vehicle. However, a reduction in rolling resistance is also associated with a reduction in driving safety and an influence on the dynamic properties of the vehicle.


The aim is to find an optimisation of the tyre characteristics in order to minimise the rolling resistance and thus the energy consumption of the vehicle without affecting the driving dynamics and driving safety. In this context, a tyre prototype for the MUTE will be developed.


First of all, a research will be carried out to determine the state of the art of tyres for small vehicles. In order to find a balanced compromise, the extent to which the parameters can be modified and how strongly they influence the reduction of consumption must be assessed. A tyre is then to be developed and manufactured, which is then tested on the MUTE test vehicle.